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Chicago, ILApril 11 - 14, 2011

CPSWeek 2011


Workshops & Tutorials

Accepeted Workshops & Tutorials

Call for Workshops & Tutorials

The CPSWeek 2011 in Chicago Illinois will include a workshop and tutorial day on April 11, 2011. Each workshop will provide an arena for presentations and discussions about a special topic of relevance to CPSWeek. Each tutorial will present in-depth content in a mini-course format aimed primarily at students, researchers, or attendees from industry.


If you are interested in organizing a workshop or a tutorial at CPSWeek 2011, please send a proposal (maximum 2-page PDF file) containing information about the following:

  • Workshop or tutorial title,
  • Abstract (maximum 200 words),
  • The topic of the workshop/tutorial and how it relates to CPSWeek,
  • The organizers behind the workshop/tutorial including contact information, and short bio and affiliation,
  • Proposed Program Committee,
  • Planned review procedures,
  • In the case of a workshop what the intended format will be (invited presentations, submitted presentations, panels, etc),
  • Expected sponsorships (if any),
  • Profile of a typical attendee (academic researcher, student or industry participant),
  • A rough estimate of the number of participants,
  • In case the workshop/tutorial has been previously held, provide information on the conference, date, and number of attendees.

Please send the proposal to CPSWeek 2011 workshop and tutorial chair, Dr. Xue Liu, email: – with email title "[CPSWEEK 2011] Workshop and Tutorial Proposal".

Registration to workshops will be handled in connection with registration to the conference part of CPSWeek.

The CPSWeek 2011 reserves the right to cancel non-viable workshops/tutorials.


  • October 15, 2010: Submission of workshop and tutorial proposals
  • November 24, 2010: Notification of acceptance
  • April 11, 2011: Workshop and Tutorial day